July 11, 2015

Before and After Project Bermuda

I previously posted my first project here.  The same client was kind enough to contract me to stage their next remodel, the Bermuda project.  Today I am sharing that project with before and after photos. 

The Bermuda project is 3bd/2ba with a family room and eat-in kitchen.

Having realized that in addition to needing more "big" pieces from the 1st project,  I was also in dire need of more decorative accessories for the wall and table top.  I needed to hit Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, and the internet...yet again.

Every penny I netted from the first project went straight back into the inventory. So more shopping and a house preview to do.

After the preview, I worked out a design plan.

This design program I used, had an option to add people.  Great tool for checking the flow and seeing if the room layouts provide enough space for real live people to walk about without bumping into the furniture.  

As I mentioned before, for my first project I rented two sofas and 4 accent chairs.  Since the budget had yet to allow for the purchase of any larger pieces to the inventory, I had to keep the rentals for this project.  After working out the design plan, it became clear that one pair of the rental accent chairs, that matched the darker sofa, were too deep for the space, 38" too deep. 

Luckily a pair of accent chairs I had purchased online arrived a few days prior to the staging date.  They were my only other option.  The budget was hemorrhaging.  You'll see them in the living room shots, they don't match the sofa (ugh).

Let's start with the entry and work our way through the home.  The entry was pretty tight, but the wall on the left was a bit long; nothing a round mirror and a small entry rug couldn't fix.

Even though the home was compact, the layout gave it a more spacious feel.  I had to work around some tight spacing and made sure I didn't obstruct the flow. 

I don't remember the exact size of the home but I think it was around 1800 sq. ft.

I thought a 36" round table would be sufficient...but yes, a wee bit too small.  a 40" would have been beter.

Note my new accent chairs.  I was really thrilled with them individually, not so much combined with that mid-toned rental sofa and the white rug.  Don't get me wrong, in the right circumstances mixing pieces do look incredibly pulled together and gorgeous.  Here, not so much.  They are not my first choice, but were my only choice.

I had planned for a smaller rug for this space but the owner asked me to "hide" some flaws on the hardwood floor.  So I had to switch it 8x10 that was planned for the master bedroom.   Unfortunately, the left corner, you see in the photo, landed directly in the pathway to the family room.

This is what the left corner of the rug looked like when we went in to clear out the staging.


I still cannot get it entirely clean.  I'm tempted to have it dyed a light gray.

Another regret, the side table next to the sofa.  Originally I brought it in to hold a lamp, but then decided on the floor lamp in the corner instead.  Why I didn't just take the side table out is beyond me. 

And why I didn't take those blasted faux orchids flanking the mirror away is also a mystery.

I didn't want to clutter up the living room/dining room combo with lots of stuff on the walls or surfaces.  My goal was to keep the décor light and airy as possible, not bare or wanting.

The family room had loads of windows....all bordered by a very red fence.  So instead of it being an eyesore, I worked orange, red, and green into that room's color scheme.

Theses photos where taken before I could get the flat screen tv (prop) in, hence the long bare console table (yes, that's the Ikea Malm accent table that was made to roll over the Malm bed, unfortunately no longer available; I'd like at least 4 more in my inventory).

I love using that console table because it fills a huge space without taking up too much space.

On a side note, I find it curious that Ikea comes up with some fabulous pieces like that Malm console, then in no time at all they are discontinued, yet the basic stuff (which wouldn't be appropriate for my business) is there for all time. Sorry I digress! (makes note to address that in a future post).

Sorry, no before photos of the master bedroom & bath, my bad, just the after photos.

Regrets for this room, the mirror is too high and in this wide angle shot, it looks a bit lonely.  In person, it's balance between the window and the lampshade, and fills the space just enough, just too high.

Also, I had the windows in the wrong place in the design plan.  So the bed looked a bit off on that wall; I do like how the little artwork gave the wall some symmetry though.

It would have been nice if the bed would have worked on the wall the mirror is on.  Unfortunately, the bedroom door, bathroom door and closet slider were opposite it.  Had I placed the bed against that wall, the room would have looked a lot smaller and you would have to side step your way to the bathroom and closet.

But I do love the bedding turned out.

The patio was in Design A, the owner decided on Design B (sans the patio).  They too have a budget to consider; but in the scheme of things...alas.

Despite all my fretting, the property sold for quite a bit over asking.  My clients were pleased, again (oh joy!) and I'm off to search for more inventory.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the before & after photos.



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