September 23, 2015

The Inventory ~ Dining Tables and Chairs

When I began planning my inventory one of my main objectives was to find with pieces that had some flexibility/versatility.  Why might you ask?  Simply put, a stager's inventory has to accommodate different styles, room sizes as well as interior colors. 

In home staging, we can't change the style of the home or its interior colors or size to suit our inventory, therefore, our inventory best suit the home's overall size, style and colors.

Since I live and work in the San Francisco peninsula, it made sense to cater to the largest home buyer demographic.  Hence, I was going for more fresh and modern decor to start with.

My first dining table purchase was this cb2 Silverado dining table.

This was a clear winner (no pun intended...well maybe) because the base allowed for a large rectangle glass top as well as a round glass table.

Since I had my eye on had my eye on another dining table that came with a 48" round glass top, I purchased the Silverado base with rectangle top.

The base for the 48" round glass top is walnut and in the mid-century modern style.

I was lucky to find one on craigslist for 60% less than a new one.   The seller was the original owner who purchased the table a few months prior.  Biggest plus of all, it was in pristine condition.  *happy dance*

Moving right along I set my sights on the dining chairs. 

First choice was the cb2 Vapor Dining Chairs:

Sadly, not very budget friendly at the moment.  I was looking for incredible, give it to me for pennies, deals.   So, I fired up my laptop and scoured the web for an alternative.  I found tons of budget friendly but not quite right and found loads of quite right but not budget friendly. 

After several (frustrating) hours later the light bulb went off....hello Ikea....

Enter the Tobias Dining Chairs.

Totally budget chic: has that hint of Breuer's Cesca chair, was a good size, acrylic, chrome base, reasonably priced...sold.

Now all I had to do was secure the four chairs to go with the modern walnut base.  Light bulb went off.  Since I already owned a knockoff pair of this iconic Wegner chair, buying 2 more to complete a set of 4 was a no brainer.  Easy Peasy.
Or so I thought.

When I first found the pair of Wegner's wishbone "like" chairs online about 1.5 years ago they were selling as a set of 2 for $99.00.  Ding ding ding, we have a budget friendly winner!

Few months later, the price had gone up.  Wasn't too thrilled about it, still price was somewhat reasonable, so I purchased a set of 2 for just under $150.

Flash forward to current time (of this quest)  I return to the site where I originally purchased the "set of 2", looking to purchase another set of "2" to complete my "set of 4".

Surprise, surprise, surprise, I couldn't find a "set of 2".  The chairs were so popular prices had gone up even more, over $150 for just one chair.  

Every place I looked the chairs were backordered, or sold out, a few that had some in stock were asking for over $200 per chair.

My search continued and finally my persistence paid off; came across a sale where each were roughly around $150 each. 

I had a coupon and a few "reward" dollars I could use to reduce the price a bit more and ordered two for a total of $284 and some change. 

At last a sigh of relief. The dining tables and chairs were finally secure.  I was also patting myself on the back for having purchased the other 2 a few months earlier. 

My relief was short lived.  The delivery was delay for weeks.  Each time I checked the tracking, delivery time was pushed out a few more days.  After waiting for days and days more, the chairs finally arrive. 

I opened the box to find two....

The seats were black instead of natural...bugga.  Several phone calls later, I'm told I had to wait another month to get the correct color as the walnut with natural was (once again) out of stock. 

After a couple of weeks they were back in stock and shipped!  Hooray! I immediately opened the box bloody seats again!  They certainly have an odd sense of humor.  More phone calls.

After another 2 weeks and another pound of fret and worry the correct chairs  (finally) arrived.

I now had 2 dining tables with the option of being 3.  Since I could interchange the Silverado base, I could better fit the right look in the dining space.  Oh joy!

Here they are hard at work:


Looking back, I am quite pleased with my dining room tables and chairs purchases.  They have proved to be a great start to the initial inventory.  They are fresh, modern, fun and also sophisticated and serious when need be.  Gold star. 

Can't rest on my laurels though, have many more pieces to go. (more shopping...ugh)   Can't help but wonder what fresh hell my next order may bring.

Do you own any of these pieces or thinking of purchasing one?  Ever had a horrific online ordering experience? Do Share! 

Thanks so much for stopping by.



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