September 17, 2015

The Inventory ~ Rugs, Runners, Mats, Oh My!

Few weeks ago I went shopping for a few (much needed) items for the staging inventory.  Since I needed a runner straight away for an upcoming project, no time for online shipping, off to Lowes I went.

After going though each and every runner available, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than a couple of good possibilities:

The longer the better.  Had the budget allowed, I would have grabbed all 4 and called it a day.   Since I could only get one, I had to be sure it was going to continue to work beyond the upcoming project.

Yes, I'm one of "those" shoppers, I pull out my measuring tape, I lay things out and block the aisles, I take photos, I ponder, I'm...selective (pedantic).

However, I try to be courteous; I try to leave a "shopping cart" space when possible and I put the items back on the shelf when done.

Not that I've been huffed at a time or two...more like several times.  But I digress.  Back to the runners.

I liked the trellis, wished the pile was either a bit longer, or shorter for that matter, but it had that "bathroom rug" height, so I decided to pass on it.

Sorry about the photo quality, used my mobile.

I was looking for a runner that would work in a kitchen, hallway or entry, as well as a bath. 

I liked this one for a more modern, warmer color scheme, but it was a little shorter than what I needed...pass.

Next, the jute braided runner:

Longer than the others at 10ft, and I like the blends of colors in the jute weave of grays and creams.

The border has this velvety texture to it.  Nice, simple, universal, what's not to love.  Alas, I had to leave it too, I needed something more in the dark gray/black family.

As much as I wanted that jute runner, this one would work best in the gray and more transitional décor project coming up, as well as beyond.

Can't go wrong with a black and white runner.  This one is really nice as the white is pretty good.  Not stark white, but no beige or yellow in it.  Winner, winner.

Just a note about online shopping...the translation for caveat emptor means "monitor color difference".

I've come to find myself avoiding buying certain things online not just because of time constraints, but that "risk factor" of monitor color difference. 

It's wonderful that many sites offer free shipping.  It is equally frustrating that these same sites will not pay for returns when they can pawn off your purchase as "monitor color difference". 

Makes me mental that we, the consumers are left holding the bag on that overused loophole many sites have begun to quote as "policy". 

We either have to keep the darn thing or pay to return it.  Those of you who have been in that position know the pain.  You get hit with a fee called label & restocking fee, you have to repack it then haul it off to the post office or pay extra to have it picked up.  What a bunch of rubbish! 

Yes, I know monitor color may differ, however, if  no color clarification was offered in the items description, how is it that "monitor color difference" is the standard to justify a bait-and switch?

In the same turn, if the description clearly states the color is beige, cream, ivory, off-white, and I purchased without reading the description, then ok, my fault, my cost.

Ok, I fell in the rabbit hole sorry.

Anyway, I can now check off that long runner from the list.  Who would have thought buying an area rug would be so daunting? Obviously not me, well, not until I started buying for the staging inventory. 

The thing is, it's different when you are buying for your own home or for a specific client's tastes. 

For staging, it has to be as universal as possible without being too bland.  It's not just a matter of gray or beige.  Not just in runners, but in each article of the inventory, be it a sofa or a bath towel.  Perhaps I'm being a bit too picky (pedantic).

One thing I do know for sure, I need that jute runner...but with a brownish-gray border.

Thanks for stopping by!

Your comments, questions, always welcomed.



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