July 6, 2015

Steal This Deal! ~ Oversized Round Mirrors 60" and one 48"

Greeting! I've been bonkers about the oversized mirrors seen all over Pinterest.  Major impact and major budget busters.

When I started trolling on the web to see what was available, I didn't find much in the 48"- 60" and found more 36" up to 43".  I wanted to find a really BIG one, so I kept on trolling.

Finally, I came across a fabulous deal for a 60" round mirrors and one 48" round mirror and just had to share with you.

I found this deal at Restoration Hardware's final sale items.  There are a couple of frame styles to choose from: beveled, level and floating; photos of each follows.

This first one, my dream mirror,  I'd buy in a heart beat if budget allowed: 

#1 A beautiful 60" Custom Metal Mirror Beveled Clear Glass marked down from $1295 to $905

#2, 48" Custom Metal Beveled in Polished Nickel with Antiqued Glass, reduced from $1145 to $855

#3 60" Custom Metal Mirror Level available in both Antique Brass or Polished nickel, both have Antique Glass.  Was $1495, now $745.99


#3 60" Custom Metal Mirror Floating in Polished Nickel, Antique Glass reduced from $1495.00 to $745.99.


#1 and #2 Beveled 60" Clear & 48" Antique Glass

#3 Level 60" AB & PN Antique Glass

#4 Floating 60" PN Antique Glass

Any one of these would look fabulous in your space!

Please note:  #1 is the ONLY CLEAR mirror, the others are Antique Glass.

#2 is the only 48"

And no, I'm not getting any kickback from Restoration Hardware for this post (I bloody wish! lol)  Since I'm always hunting for great deals for my staging inventory I thought it might be useful to pass along great deals on to you. 

I decided to add a new blog post category called Steal this Deal, where from time to time, I will share some great deals with you.  So check back now and then if you love a good deal but don't have the time to troll the web for them.

And that gorgeous 72" in the first photo is custom made, the frame's outside is covered in leather.  I found it at B D D W, Handmade American Furniture.

As far as the Restoration Hardware deal, do let me know if you got one.  Or if you know of a great deal and want to share, feel free to leave a comment and a link!

Good Luck!



PS: Restoration Hardware if by chance you read this, remember what I said about #1 *wink wink*

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