September 11, 2015

St. Martin Project ~ jumping the order

Originally it was my intention to post staging projects in chronological order, but I've had a change of heart. My Houzz account does that seamlessly for me, allowing me to post based on inspiration instead of chronological order.  Plus, you'd probably sick of seeing the same furniture over and over again.

I just recently finished the St. Martin project. It's a lovely home right on the water.

It's a more traditional home with lots of light and a huge master. 

Let's have a look, shall we?

Come on in!

The home's beige walls, black bannister, and huge large black and gold framed mirror dictated a more traditional décor. 

The owner selected partial staging, where the living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room, master bedroom suit, and 2.5 baths would be staged. 

My game plan was to dress it up in traditional furniture that still offers fresh, clean lines, compliment the home's colors, and add some art that compliments waterfront living, without being too cliché-ish.

My regret, would have liked a different accent chair.  Better still, a sectional would have worked even better.  Once day...soon I hope.
The day I showed up to stage, I was surprised to see a much larger chandelier in the dining space.  Because of the scale, my original centerpiece was a bit too tall and was fighting with the chandy, so it was replaced with a large pretty bowl filled with seashells.


The kitchen and family room

Notice the old school tv built-in cabinet over the fireplace? What to do, what to do....

First I tried leaning a piece of art on the other side of the mantel, then I tried just a floral arrangement.  Both looked horrid as the built-in's awkward position compounded the problem.

So I decided to best just ignore it.  Stack some art, bit of faux floral and voila!  Brilliant yes?   Um, no.  Turned out to be a booboo because potential buyers wanted to look inside that blasted thing.

As you can see, the pictures were just shoved over and left that way.  Makes mental note, don't block anything that potential buyers may want to peek into.

Well, on to the master suite, starting with the view from one of the windows.

more built-ins, oh joy.  My first reaction to the space was to place the bed on the built-ins side, but there were no electrical outlets nearby and no way to hide extension cords...okie dokie, let's go with plan B.

My regret, I wish a had another flokati that was 1 size smaller.  This one is 9x14 and dwarfs the queen size bed.

For the opposite side of the room, a sofa and coffee table was planned to go in front of the built-ins, but the sofa I had ordered several weeks prior (intended for the living room) was misplaced/lost some where in Illinois, they think. 

Ok, no problem, onto plan B.1, the sofa that was intended for the master went into the living room and the master, well you can see for yourself.

let's just move on to the master bath shall we?

The basket was necessary for the towels as there were only hand towel holders, I did not see any towel rack/holders for the bath towels. 

moving on...hall bath

No room for a basket of towels in there.

The patio was not planned (or charged for), but I was compelled to re-arrange the patio furniture to better compliment the views from indoors, as well as a more cohesive layout outdoors.  Sorry, no photos. 

This was another rush job that had to be completed in one day.  So yes, there are aspects of this project I am happy with, others not so much, like the lost sofa, no fresh eyes, and no tweak time.

Looking at these photos now, of course there are several things I would have liked to have time to tweak.  But the reality is working for 12+ hours straight, I tend to get a bit..stupid and blind. 

I usually let the client know that the project takes 1 1/2 days to complete.  Thus giving me a chance to go back in with fresh eyes..and renewed energy.

And about photo.  Normally I can take advantage of the listing photos (hence the "w i d e angle shots" for use.  But for some reason most of the photos shown in the listing are empty rooms, were taken after the remodeling and refreshing work was done and before I staged the house.  Then a few days later, a few of the furnished shots showed up.  It's all quite odd.

Still, I do pepper in some of my own photos.  For the moment, my only choice for a camera is either my Samsung phone or my ipad mini, so you can see why I rely on the professional listing photos for my portfolio and posts.

Anyway, after all said and done, the client was very pleased with the results.  (big sigh of relief)

Hope you enjoyed the before and after photos.  Your comments and/or suggestions are always welcomed!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm off to stage another home.



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