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As the name of this blog suggest, I stage homes in the San Francisco Peninsula.  Having worked in my (older) sister's staging business on and off for few years, artistic differences prevailed and I went on to start my own staging business.

My intention for this blog is to express my life long passion for all things home décor, chronicle my journey in establishing my staging business on a near none existent shoestring, have a chronological reference of my projects, and share great deals I come across in my inventory hunt.  All this and, from time to time, sprinkle in some things that twinkle my eye and make my heart smile.

On a more personal note, I am a mama's girl.  She is my inspiration, champion, best friend, confidant and (unfortunately at times) never wrong about anything.  She will turn 89 this year.  We share a 2 bedroom apartment and I am her full-time caregiver.  She keeps my life...interesting, hopefully for many more years to come. I have learned a lot from her and am learning still.

Blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, plus one grandchild with another one the way (oh happy day!), it has been pure pleasure to watch them grow and always want to be in their fun and loving company. 

Home decorating has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  When I was 5, I would sneak into my parents bedroom and spend hours going though my mother's latest stack of shelter magazines.  Such bliss!

Then I would go off and rearrange my older sister's Barbie dream house, which she was usually less than thrilled about.  It was heaven on earth for me when I finally got a Barbie dream house of my own, oh joy oh joy!!

When I couldn't find a little sofa or table I wanted, I would fashion one out of some cardstock.  Toothpicks, wooden matches and the matchbox my favorite go to materials. 

At one point my parents thought they had a little arsonists on their hands.  Imagine their relief when they discovered I was just a future DIY'er in training.

I am also a mosaic artist, mostly working with vintage china (pique asset), and am a DIY enthusiast (not much time for it right now). My original blog (me-1.0) which was created during my "shabby chic" phase, Enchanted Rose Studio, is still active but I've not added any new content in quite some time.  I leave it up mostly because several people have expressed their appreciation for being able to read my tips and trick...without charge.

There you have it.  With some luck you get me and aren't too discourage and will be back now and then for a visit; perhaps even take a moment to leave a comment or two. 

On the other hand, if my blatherings are not agreeable to you, maybe you'll enjoy my Pinterest Pins or the me-1.0 blog.   

Since you've come this far, here are the links for me-1.0 is:

ERS blog:  Enchanted Rose Studio
ERS on Pinterest:  Enchanted Rose Studio 

Be forewarned, I started that blog about 10 years ago and I've grown a lot since...I hope.

Thanks so much for viewing.



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